Beware Successive Success (Philosophy)

As you go on about your life trying to figure out yourself and your reason for existence, you’re going to come to a time where everything starts going right for you. After months or maybe a year in darkness, a light will be seen at the end of a long-traveled tunnel. You will start to build confidence which will breed certainty which will breed boldness and the raise your capacity to take risks.

You will feel like you’ve finally gotten everything figured out, you will feel better than you’ve ever felt in years. With no responsibility to no one other than yourself, you will forge forward and reclaim your sword, put on your new and impregnable armor and fight the war you were truly meant to fight: the war for your autonomy and freedom.

You will start planning, researching, experimenting, trying to find your purpose in life because that is where you believe your fulfillment lies. And that is true, to an extent. You will look at your hobbies from a new perspective, a monetary perspective. You will cross out the ones too late for you to achieve and look to those there’s still hope for. You will find a couple candidate and narrow down to the one you would do for free even if the world burned.

You will choose that one.

You will start learning about it, understanding it, living it, eating it, sleeping it, dreaming it, shitting it in the morning and thinking about it well into the night. This will become your world. This will become your life. You will lose things like social skills, the ability to hold conversations, connections you formed over the years; however, these things are negligible in regards to your new purpose. You are determined. You are driven.

You become proficient at your purpose in a matter of months and you star making money off it in a matter of two to three short years. This becomes your child, your family, your everything. But then, something goes awry, some people are not satisfied, a recession hits, Google changes the algorithm, etc. Basically, your business gets fucked.

The failure seems sudden and devastating. . . you may never recover.

You fall back into that state of darkness from when you took the Red Pill, this depression is even deeper because you poured your all into it. Hours, days, weeks, months, you sacrificed friends, family, relationships with women (which you should’ve thrown away when you took the Red Pill), etc. You gave everything, and you received almost nothing in return.

It’s just like your old life all over again.

Then you come across a motivational video on youtube, or a post like this one on a blog you follow, and it goes on to tell you that just because you’ve had a devastating failure doesn’t make you a failure. It simply means something didn’t work and it needs to be fixed. You watch a few of these videos and you decide to give it one more chance.

You study what went wrong, what caused the failure, and you also study what went right so you can repeat it. Suddenly, you get your mojo back. You get fired up, that confidence returns and surges through your veins as you make the second attempt to take life by the reins and ride your way through.

This time, your business is a major success. . . and it stays that way. All the while, you are aware of its flaws and shortcomings and aim to improve them every day lest they cause a devastating failure like the first time. You are aware of the dangers of successive success, and you embrace failure as your life long teacher.

Alright, that’s my spiel. Til next week. . .

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