Beware of Romanticism (Philosophy)

In our corrupt and shady world there are many carnal pleasures that can be experienced. These carnal and seductive pleasures are designed to keep us from our higher selves and the truth of existence and reality as they are. The cornerstone for these pleasures are allure and romanticism, to make right seem wrong and wrong seem right. To make rational and ethical reasoning seem devilish and self-sacrifice to an ungodly degree seem noble and virtuous. Beware of this twisting of concepts, especially when they pretend to mirror everything you stand for.

The thing about freeing and liberating yourself from the matrix is that you are like a newborn calf, unable to find its footing in a new environment. It is the objective of the sharks in the water to surround you and seduce you with sweet nothings and faux intellectual concepts that act upon your need for elevation. These sharks aim to keep you in a perpetual state of infancy, never allowing you to grow and mature into the rational and ethical man you are meant to become.

You will see many things that sound like they are right up your alley, many things that sound like they are right for you; when, in fact, they are the furthest thing from right. Beware of those who would ask you to give all of yourself while you get nothing in return, those that question your ethics and why you have boundaries, those who wish to be in your business because they have not life of their own, those that will drain you dry and leave you for dead, those that act like they care when they obviously don’t.

Romanticists and seducers will play on your carnal desires for sex and companionship, they will play on your deeper desires for love and acceptance, they will play on your deepest desire to know yourself and what you stand for. Don’t be so trusting of individuals you ask for things in the end, they are snake oil sales people looking for those they deem as saps and simps, don’t be one of them.

Protect yourself at all times, accept reality for what it is without the romanticism and window dressing. Embrace the cold and dark truths and walk into the darkness with your head held high, for it is there you will find out who you truly are and come out the other end a better and stronger version of yourself.

Stay safe. But, more importantly, stay free, rational, and ethical.

Alright, that’s my spiel. Til next week. . .

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