The Easiest Way to World-build

Okay, worldbuilding is one of those things that can be easy and fun or difficult and outright tortuous. In this segment, I’ll be telling you one of the easiest ways to worldbuild. That’s right, you heard it. There’s an easy way to do this shit.

Let’s get to it.

The easiest way to world build is to start with one character. Who is this character? What are their likes and dislikes? Does the character have both parents in the household? How many friends does the character have? What school do they go to? Do they have a part-time job? Is there a bully that’s always on their ass at school? Is their boss a dick at work? What’s the name of the town/city the character lives in? What’s the city known for? What state is the city in? And so on and so forth.

See how the question escalate from the one character to the state they live in? That’s how you worldbuild (unless you’re writing sci-fi then, in that case, good luck!).

The first thing you do is develop your main character. Create that character’s world and the rest of the world will come to light off of that. Most writers try to build a whole universe in one go and then get frustrated when the story doesn’t add up and their draft gets ripped to shreds by their local writing group.

Start small and build. Have patience with this shit, you’re not going to get it done in one day nor should you try. Trust me, you won’t get it done.

Create your character’s world and have the rest of the world develop around that. I mean, the story is about the main character, right? Again, unless you’re writing sci-fi where the world moves the story as opposed to the characters and, again, good luck!

Alright, there you have it! The easiest way to world-build!

Alright, that’s my spiel. Til next week. . .

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