Why The Hero Fails

“People like to see a hero fail, fall, die trying. Despite of everything you’ve done for them, eventually they’ll hate you. Why bother?” -Green Goblin, Spiderman (2003)

The hero always fails, even when they save the day. Although people live the hero for the moment, eventually they tire of the hero and wish him to perish. Why? Because people love the dead more than they love the living.

Take Leonardo Di Vinci, Vincent Van Goethe, Picasso, what do they all have in common? Their work wasn’t appreciated and recognized until they died. Picasso being the exception.

People love martyrs more than living heroes because people are naturally envious beings, they want to be the hero, they want the love and praise the hero gets on a daily basis, they want to be recognized and adored by millions of people. And, naturally, people like to see someone do good, just not better than them.

People may love the hero for the moment; however, they don’t respect the hero at all.

If you knew someone would save your ass every time you fucked up, would you respect that person? Or would you simply begin to expect they save you because that’s what they normally do?

The honest folk would admit the latter.

It’s only when the hero puts their foot down and hangs up the cape that people start respecting them, that people realize the hero gets tired, that the hero is a person just like them, that the hero has a life of their own outside of saving people’s asses all the time. It’s only when the hero gives the world a collective “fuck you!” that they gain the respect of the people, when the hero leaves the people to save themselves.

The hero ultimately fails because they try to save everyone, they end up becoming a slave to their persona and a slave to the people, they end up becoming the stool-pigeon and the scapegoat. They receive nothing for their accomplishments but all the blame and punishment for their failings, the bar keeps getting pushed higher and higher and the people’s ability to take care of themselves gets lower and lower. Eventually, the hero does fail, fall, die trying. It is only then the hero gets the respect they so rightly deserved when they were alive, only they are no longer a live to bask in it.

Moral of this story: Don’t be a hero, the villains have more fun.

Alright, that’s my spiel. Til next week. . .

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