A Thought in the Dark

It’s funny, growing up in a family filled with the opposite sex. It affects your perspective on life and the world whether you know it or not. As a man, one’s core emotion tends to be anger, and for good reason.

The masculine energy is predicated on action, meaning if there is a problem it has to do something to solve it. A problem with no actionable solution enrages the masculine and thus it resorts to force. However, masculine energy can manifest in other ways aside from anger. That anger can turn into a source of violence and violence into a source for evil.

Have you ever been going about your day, minding your own business when suddenly an evil thought pops into your head such as killing someone or doing harm to someone you know for something they did years ago? Or perhaps beating up a particular relative because you never really liked them and they used to pick on you, even though you haven’t thought of or spoken to this relative in years?

I have, and it surprises me. Yet, at the same time, it doesn’t.

I think, these evil thoughts are trying to tell us something about ourselves, that part of us has been repressed, stifled, held at bay for the sake of others for far too long. I think those evil thoughts are a door that’s about to burst open and unleash on the world, remnants of the pent-up energy locked inside ourselves.

I think these evil thoughts are a result of us having to submit to force we’re naturally designed to go against, to fall in line with a way of life that is counter to our nature. I think these evil thought are who we truly are but are just afraid to express for fear of consequences. Because we are not master fighters, stone-cold killers, heartless psychos and sociopaths, because we care what people think about us even if we consciously claim we don’t we do our best to suppress them and deny their existence.

I think our shadow is trying to tell us something. . .

Something important. . .

Something we’ve always needed to know but never bothered to inquire about. . .

I think our shadow is trying to tell us who we truly are; I think it is trying to tell us what we truly want.

We have denied ourselves for too long, we have repressed ourselves for the sake of other people’s feelings for too long. We have been afraid and submissive to the wrath of others, discounting the damage our own does to us every day. It is time to look inside ourselves, peer into the darkness, and embrace what we truly are.

It is time for us to truly become ourselves and to go down our own path, to truly go our own way.

Embrace the darkness and become whole. Drop the armor, drop the sword. Release the tension and walk toward, who you truly are, who you've always wanted to be, embrace the darkness and you will see, what it feels like to be complete.

Alright, that’s my spiel. Til next week. . .

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