The Faux Alpha (Philosophy)

We’re all aware of the sexual hierarchy and how it dominates every facet of our lives. From bars to clubs to cafes to libraries to restaurants to porn. Every facet of our existence is predicated on our value in relation to the opposite sex and who can acquire the best mate.

This is not an assumption, it’s biology. Deal with it.

The thing about this is biology hasn’t changed in the millions of years of our evolution as human beings. It still runs with basic hardware from the caveman days, and its fucking us up big time. The good news is that we can override our biology and develop our nature to be what we truly want it and need it to be.

The other bad news is that culture won’t let us.

Culture doesn’t want us to be free, well-informed, critical thinkers. It doesn’t want us to wake up and realize money, fame, and women is not the center or apex of existence. It doesn’t want us to realize we have value, that we’re not just emotionless slabs of flesh designed to keep society running at all times for shit wages, constant devaluation and degradation by not only the people we we help and protect but the very institutions that were designed to protect people as a whole.

As men, we get no respect and its time to take it back. First within ourselves and then within society.

The first thing we have to do is dispel the alpha myth. The myth that in order to get women you always have to be the man, you always have to be strong and never show weakness. You always have to have everything in order, hold it all together so that she can run around without accountability, responsibility, and you, the man, are supposed to protect her from those two things plus the consequences of her own actions.

And this is not with just women, this is with everything else in life. Jobs, friends, family, the whole nine. You’re supposed to be the atlas that carries not your world but everyone else’s world on your shoulders and you can’t shrug. . .not once.

This is what is called “The False Alpha” or Faux Alpha as I like to call it.

The False Alpha believes he can do it on his own, that he will be alright no matter what. That’s not the problem though, this guy believes the entirety of his existence is predicated on how many girls he can fuck and how many people he can carry on his back without breaking a sweat. His existence is predicated on being a slave to others without taking his well-being into consideration. He believes himself to be invincible, which is why guys like this usually finish last and die first.

Sound familiar?

As men, as people with values, morals, ethics, and principles, we need to realize that we are not invincible. We get tired, we get scared, we feel pain, we have emotions. We are not robots but people with our own intrinsic value in this thing we call life. We have to look inside ourselves and find the essence within the nothingness and pull our true selves from the darkness.

We have to strip the armor, drop the sword, and stop fighting a war that is not ours. We have to stop carrying responsibilities that are not ours, stop carrying worlds that are not ours. We have to stop and think, really think, about who we are and what we want.

Who are you?

What do you want?

Ask yourselves those questions, men. You are not machines designed to be used and discarded. You are people too.

Take off the mask of the Faux Alpha, take off the cape and burn them. Sit with the nothingness inside you, peer into the darkness and embrace it as the friend it is, as it will show you who you truly are.

Alright, that’s my spiel. Til next week. . .

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