Embracing the Darkness (Philosophy)

In life, we all go through dark times that teach us to become something we never thought we could be, something we never dreamed of, something we never thought ourselves capable. In dark times, strength is created where in peace weak men are created.

To truly become a strong person, an easy past is impossible. Trust me, I’ve tried. Logically, it would make sense to think about your future from an early age, to build wealth in your youth, or, at least, lay the foundation.

It would make sense to take advantage of the abundance of free time one has, to think of how they can help the world rather than help themselves but, in this age of technology and endless amusement, something like that is only for the few and truly disciplined.

When one has an easy life, they have no motivation to be strong. There’s no need for strength at this point, which is why children have so much fun (and most women). While their parent deal with the dark times and conceal them, the children go on thinking that life is endless fun and amusement when that is far from the truth.

It is only when they are thrown out or ripped away from their parent’s arms that they see reality is much harsher and more grim than they could’ve known. They are thrusted into dark times with no road map, no instructions, no guide.

It is in these times the weakness inside them begins to die, for responsibility is hoisted upon their shoulders without their consent. Where survival becomes the only priority, where their lives are on the line each and every day.

The thing about dark times is that most think they are inherently bad, that dark times are. . .counter to their wants and needs when, in fact, dark times are necessary. Dark times are, in fact, the best times.

Embracing the darkness, in my opinion, makes one’s life worth something. it gives meaning and develops a deep sense of appreciation for the good, the pleasurable. It corrects the barometer of happiness by removing the false sense and developing the authentic one.

Going through and embracing the dark times teaches one that the darkness isn’t evil, it is only labeled so because people use it for nefarious means. The darkness is a place of death and rebirth, a place where the weak go to die and the strong are born from the ashes.

Darkness and death, two of the world’s unknowns, act more as friends than the light ever could. Everything in life comes full circle: if one embraces too much light, they find darkness and if one embraces too much darkness, they find light.

So, my suggestion for those in dark times. . . embrace it. Revel in it. Absorb as much darkness as you can, understanding darkness is not evil but simply the unknown. Explore your shadow and learn to love and integrate it into your life. Stop rejecting those traits inside yourself that make you you.

Strike off from the beaten path and discover new worlds, strike off and discover the true version of yourself. The version you are meant to become.

Alright, that’s my spiel. Til next week. . .

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