The Philosophy of The Subconscious Mind

If everything in our subconscious mind is predicated on our actions and choices, then all one must do is make correct choices and take proper actions that correlate to success. But, to take such actions, one must know what they are. If one can understand and grasp what successful actions are and apply them, not in large amounts or big leaps but small habits that accumulate over time. infinitesimal in and of themselves but when combined transform the individual and places them on the path to self-actualization.

Therefore, we have no control over whether history will be written, for it surely will, but we have control over whether we’ll be the ones to write it or have it written for us. I, personally, choose to be the former. When I’m dead, I’ll be the latter.

The thing about the subconscious is that it maintains the connection to God while the conscious maintains the illusion we are separate. The conscious mind has the responsibility of steering the subconscious in the right direction while the subconscious simply goes, simply is, and will always be.

The subconscious, in essence, is the force that pushes you to execute while your conscious mind acts as the filter, siphoning through all the horseshit of culture and society on your road to self-actualization. However, your conscious can be fooled, and very easily, by illusions and false rationality and logic that sounds to your benefit but is actually to your detriment.

Culture has a way of playing on human emotion and psychology to push humanity in the direction that fulfills the cultural agenda and cares nothing for the individual. The subconscious mind has no conception of good and bad, right and wrong, for it doesn’t speak a language. it only understands experiences and the habits and routines we build for ourselves overt he years whether good or bad.

Therefore, to give proper actions access to the subconscious mind, one must eliminate the potential for improper actions (i.e. distractions). One must place themselves in an environment where the only choice is to do what is beneficial to oneself, as logical willpower is finite and animal willpower is limitless. it is this animal willpower that allows us to pull off twelve, sixteen hour days at something we love with little to no effort. But, to tap into that willpower, we need to ensure our environment is distraction free, allowing what we love to hold our undivided attention.

This is the way to success, accomplishing what you want to accomplish, which is why minimalism is on the rise. It creates the perfect conditions for productivity and efficiency, it allows good and proper actions to become the center of the subconscious mind, making them easier to execute.

Create a distraction free environment, and your chances of success increase dramatically.

Alright, that’s my spiel. Til next week. . .

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