Born in Fire (Part 4)

running out of time, so he hauled ass. As the ceiling came down, he sprinted like he was competing for the Olympic gold medal and lunged out the window just before the ceiling connected with the ground and everything went up in flames. He didn’t bother looking back as he got up and sprinted toward the park. When he was a good mile away from the flames, he stopped and caught his breathe as his focus and senses returned to normal. He looked around and sensed no one following him so he went deeper into the park until he came across a manhole. He knew he wasn’t strong enough to open it, but he tried anyway, he only got it an inch off the ground, which was more than he needed. He pulled it toward the side until he was big enough to fit and went in, not bothering to close it because it would take too long. Besides, by the time anyone found it he’d be halfway across the city.

When he landed at the bottom, he looked around for something to use as a knife. He found a broken bottle on the left-hand side and picked it up, cleaned it off with his half-dried shirt and carved a circle near his jugular. Blood ran down his shirt and oozed from his neck as he pulled out a small tracking device Vanguard uses to find children who run away. He threw it and the bottle into the sewage water and proceeded into the sewer. He felt something vibrate in his pocket and took out the black card the man gave him. He examined it again and it was pretty much the same as before, except for an address and a date and time. A meeting place, Bergemo thought. The date was three years from the current one. Bergemo smirked, put the card back in his pocket and walked toward freedom.

Alright, old man, Bergemo thought, I’ll see you in three years.

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