The Number One Reason for All the Problems in Your Life (Philosophy)

Every one has problems in their lives, including me. I watched a series of videos a couple months ago that opened my eyes to the root of all of life’s problems and I would like to share those with you today.

The first video is called, “Self-Love, The Highest Teaching in The Universe” by; the second video is “Why (as a Millionaire) I own NOTHING” by Alex Becker’s Channel, and the third is “Why Money Keeps You Poor” by the same channel.

Alright, now we got the credits out of the way, let’s get into it.

The root of all life’s problems is that people don’t know themselves. That’s it.

Now, what do I mean about this? I mean, everyone knows themselves, correct?

Well, yes and no.

People only have a surface level awareness of themselves but don’t really know themselves to the fullest. If they did, then they wouldn’t do half the stupid shit they’ve done because of peer pressure, the need to fit in, social programming, lack of self-love, etc. Granted, people have been raised shitty and that plays a huge factor; hell, people have been raised well and they’re still psycho’s but that’s another subject I’ll do more research on it time.

The reason people don’t know themselves is because they run from themselves, they run from their shadows, they run from their less desirable traits, they deny them and ridicule them, and, as a result, hurt themselves in the process and wonder why their life is a wreck in the first place.

Your life is a wreck because you don’t know, love, and accept yourself for who you are. Your first priority in needs to be knowing yourself, because once you know yourself. Truly know yourself, you will have no problems in your life. You will live on the moral compass of integrity and you wouldn’t do things you know are wrong. You wouldn’t have conflicting feelings, you wouldn’t have this uncontrollable range of emotions that plague your mind, you wouldn’t do that stupid thing your friends are trying to get you to do; in fact, you would cut off your friends because your self-love is too high.

What do I mean by Self-Love?

I mean understanding that you are apart of life and life is apart of you, that the world is simply a reflection of how you feel on the inside. If your day is shitty, that means you feel shitty, if your day is going great, that means you feel great on the inside. Most people try to improve themselves from the outside in but don’t understand that the correct process is inside out.

Your world is a reflection of how you feel about yourself. If you feel crappy, then your life will reflect that. If you feel great, then your life will reflect that. if you feel peaceful, then your life will reflect that. Whatever you feel, your life will reflect because life is apart of you.

Self-Love doesn’t mean being narcissistic and judgmental toward other people to lift yourself up. If you judge others, you judge yourself (even jokingly). Whatever you notice about other people is true about you, because what you notice about other people constantly reflects what’s inside of you. So, if you don’t like people with a sarcastic personality, chances are you have that same personality or personality trait as well.

Self-Love means doing what is best for you at all times, no matter how tough the decision might be. It means leaving that abusive relationship, cutting off toxic family members, letting go of that girl you want, leaving that job that’s draining your soul, cutting off those stupid friends of yours, looking inside yourself and finding out what you truly want, and not letting ANYTHING get in the way of that.

THAT’S what Self-Love means.

Creating boundaries, not being a people pleaser, not accepting scraps from employers, standing on the moral compass of integrity, being nonjudgmental to others by not judging yourself, accepting yourself for who you truly are, not rejecting.

Know yourself, and all your problems will fade from existence.

Alright, that’s my spiel. Til next week. . .

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