How to Write in Rhyme (for the Advanced)

The advanced understand one doesn't' need a plan to
rhyme at any time, it's all natural with the pen in their hand
or hands on the keyboard that looks like a checkerboard, whether
solo or in front of thousands of hecklers their work is able to
weather the most critical storms as they weave and navigate
the words like a chessboard and strike the hearts of millions like
the sharpest sword, as their hearts are poured into making a piece
as soars, above the competition, their dreams come to fruition, every
rhyme gets them closer to completing their mission, it gets clearer and clearer,
they close their eyes and see their vision play out, so they go all out

forget profit, for get stunting, forget flexing, they aim to use their keyboard
as a weapon to craft words with perfection with right emotions and inflection
to show readers they know how to wield such a powerful and beautiful weapon.

Tell me what you think? Did my rhyme teach you anything about writing in rhyme? Or would you like a more prose-y breakdown? Comment below!

Alright, that’s my spiel. Til next week . .

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