My Five Tenets for Philosophy

  1. Think- nothing happens without thinking (except high performance when doing a routine). Philosophy is about discovering wisdom as it pertains to the nature of man and his role in the universe. Therefore, to get that answer we must think our way up, and ultimately transcend thought altogether.
  2. Learn from the past- Philosophers in antiquity had great wisdom that was lost and is being rediscovered every day. Mankind must do all it can to retrieve the answers to life’s most difficult questions, which the ancients answer thousands of years ago.
  3. Observe the present- living life outside the present moment create eternal turmoil; living in the present moment too much creates shortsightedness; therefore, we must balance the two and simply observe the present without being attached to it.
  4. Embrace spirituality- philosophers become sages and sages become masters of understanding reality; philosophy’s main goal is to attain ultimate wisdom and what better place to find that wisdom than within one’s soul?
  5. Open your mind- the mind is the path to consciousness and the eyes are the windows to the soul; open your mind and soon your heart and soul will follow, allowing to flourish into the entity you are meant to become.

Those are my tenets for philosophy, what are yours? Comment below!

Alright, that’s my spiel. Til next week. . .

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