My Five Tenets for Writing

  1. Sit down and write- this is the most basic one but the fundamentals bear repeating. Nothing happens unless you sit your ass down and write which is why this is my number 1.
  2. Read. . . a lot- ideas come from reading. I want to maintain a well of ideas I can use so I never run out (i.e. writer’s block). So I read . . . a lot.
  3. Learn- reading and learning sound the same, but with a slight distinction. I’m into fitness, philosophy, combat, and human nature. Learning new things helps not to only enhance your writing but yourself as a person; if you’re a better person, you’ll be a better writer.
  4. Consistency- nothing will measure your success better than consistency. This is how you develop your readership; without this, your blog and career will be very hard to maintain, which is why I focus on consistency daily and provide this content every single day.
  5. Quality- if your content isn’t evolving and expanding, you will die. Your blog and writing career will be cast into the void of nonexistence never to return; so, if you want to stay alive, provide quality content!

Those are my tenets, what are yours? Comment below!

Alright, that’s my spiel. Til next week. . .

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