Philosophy of Introverts

The introvert is an interesting being with a unique philosophy. Yes, introverts have a philosophy that dictates their behavior like everyone else, they’re not some shadow-workers lurking in the dark watching society go by while they do nothing but observe. of course, that’s the extreme introvert which is called a recluse.

The introvert, much like the sigma male, doesn’t like to socialize. . .much. They prefer to keep to themselves and watch society function (or dysfunction) as they go about their days. The introvert has the ability to be social; in fact, some introverts have better social skills than extroverts.

Introverts tend to have more etiquette (most people conflate that with being timid or soft-spoken); however, though there are many introverts who are timid there are many who are not and will surprise you should you push them the wrong way. Introverts prefer to have actual conversation, you know, where one person talks and lets the other one have their say and it goes back and forth? Yeah, those.

However, since introverts understand people don’t listen to understand but to wait their turn to speak, introverts simply don’t waste their time. Introverts tend to have maybe 1 to 2 close friends, and I say maybe loosely, as most have no friends at all. Now, the mindset of an introvert is to complete and meet as many tasks and basic needs as possible without interacting with people, they prefer to be to themselves.

You won’t catch the introvert at parties, you won’t see them at bars, you won’t even catch them at an art gallery or museum. No, you will catch them in their house on a Saturday night, watching Netflix or working on their dreams (either/or, no in-between) and being content with peace and quiet.

Introverts, as the label implies, are introspective. They tend to be more self-aware and correct their mistakes lest those mistakes haunt them relentlessly for the next month.They tend to backtrack and look at where their choices led them, and, if they don’t like where they are, they make different ones. Which is why so many rich people like Warren Buffett, Alex Becker, John D. Rockefeller, etc. were and are introverts. They focus on their businesses and little else.

For the introvert, life is about looking inward and making choices that will make the outer world reflect that. If money weren’t required to survive, many introverts’ existences wouldn’t even be known today; in fact, there would be more recluses and sages than big-time movie stars and rappers.

Alright, that’s my spiel. Til next week. . .

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