How to Write in Rhyme (for the intermediate)

For those looking to write in rhyme,
now is the time as the summer is nigh,
for to write a jingle or a catchy tune one's
rhythm and flow must be in tune

But first things first, what do you want to write?
A poem? A verse? A song for your lady on that special night?
Not to fear, I'm here to teach you how to evoke and steer your
readers emotional pleasures and lead them through their fears.

rhyming is easy, not a difficult skill to attain, for once
you have it you never lose it, for your writing will change,
you will begin to not only rhyme at the end but the middle
of sentences despite all the false pretenses and reservations
you had before you fell in love with the art and dedication
exploded from your soul to the point writing without rhyme
is deprivation.
Do you see how I use words, how multi-syllables can make something
sound as elegant as music? I know, I know, I read your mind but I
promise it was not to be intrusive, but, if you're here, you're not
entirely clueless as to not know the english language and how to
use it, so I'll not insult your intelligence as I show you how to do this.

Follow along:

To write in rhyme take some time to expand your vocabulary
and increase your vernacular, to the point it is spectacular, where
each line of the verse is a rapture as it captivates the reader and captures
the heart and souls of thousands, slashing through their defenses like the claws
of a raptor.

For the intermediate, rhyme words in the middle and the end, think of
writing verse like playing piano, no need to be tense. Have fun and frolic
and play, just make sure it makes sense in the end, or all that work will be
wasted away. if you get stuck on what rhymes next, simply start a different
one, for what else can you expect? None are perfect and can rhyme anything, so,
best to move on to something you can and watch as the rhythm develops and the
verse gets into full swing.

Alright, that's enough rhyming for today. . .

Alright, that’s my spiel. Til next week . . .

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