Philosophy for Dark Times

In times of pain, struggle, and strife, it is important to understand these things will not last forever. There are only temporary in their nature and will be prolonged so long as your mind focuses on it. The dealing with pain and suffering is predicated on your state of mind. If you are resilient enough, the pain will not penetrate you and the suffering will not break you.

Remember that life comes with ups and downs, and that sometimes the downs are more devastating than the ups are enjoyable. Fear not, for there will be plenty of ups that outweigh the downs, and that the downs are to be celebrated instead of denigrated. For it is the downs that teach you the lessons, the downs that build you up, the downs that teach you the importance of never quitting and the downs that teach you to fight for what you want in this life.

Many people experience one or two downs then quit, then there are those who are knocked on their asses hundreds, if not, thousands of times yet still forged forward toward their dreams. One doesn’t always need a plan but if one has the time he should compose one. Chart out a path that is feasible and achievable within a reasonable time frame and you will see your dreams are not as far off as you imagine.

Pain is a state of mind.

Suffering is a state of mind.

Remove your sense of these two things and you will never feel them. Embrace the discomfort, revel in it, enjoy it. For it will bring a thousand more joys to come, and, the more pain you experience, the more suffering you endure, the greater your joys in this life will be. Do not worry about the afterlife just yet, you still have this life to live, so live it.

Dump the hard drive with false information and start fresh, begin organizing and creating your life on your terms, realize that you have the power of choice and that is the only power you need to achieve greatness to a limitless degree. Understand that dark times are not your enemy but your friend trying to teach you something important.

Break the chains, cut the shackles, release the straps and step out the straitjacket others have held you in for so long, let your old, pitiful self burn to ashes and let your new self be reborn. Start planning, start organizing, and work, work, work to set things to your terms and your terms alone.

This is your life, you only get one of them. Live wisely.

Alright, that’s my spiel. Til next week. . .

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