Writing in the Dark

To be honest, I don’t know what this segment will be about as writing in the dark can mean a number of things. In the literal sense, I prefer to write in the dark as it presents the illusion of the world fading around me, the only ray of light being from my laptop and the white canvas.

However, writing in the dark can mean different things to different people such as writing without a plan, writing into a void, writing while sick or depressed, etc. All of these ways of writing in the dark have something in common. . .

They all create the most beautiful stories.

The thing about writing in the dark is that it doesn’t just affect he characters but it affects you as well. When stories hit those dark, depressing scenes that hit home or remind you of something that happened in your life, you feel the character’s pain a lot more and are then able to articulate it because you are reflecting their emotions properly.

When you’re writing in a state of normalcy, you can’t really connect (or, at least, I can’t) to the characters and what they go through. This results in a mechanical feeling, like its a job and god knows we all have enough of those in life!

When writing in the dark, try to embrace it a bit, if you can. Try to channel that pain, sadness, melancholy, or brokenness you feel into your writing and watch as it all pours out onto the page in a chaotic yet beautiful work of art.

Understand that writing in the dark is probably how most of the famous (and I mean famous) stories came out such as The Stand by Stephen King. Also, writing in the dark doesn’t have to be a result of depression, it can be a result of getting in the zone. Sometimes, the zone isn’t a fairytale land, but a dark, cold place where your mind clears and you become absorbed into the world you’re creating. Nothing exists except the story and for a moment you experience it.

So, moral of the story? Try writing in the dark (literally or figuratively) unless you write children’s books then I wouldn’t suggest it. But, if you write anything else, I suggest you try it. it just might help you focus and feel the story more so it doesn’t seem like a chore.

Alright, that’s my spiel. Til next week. . .

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