Philosophy of the Creator

The creator is one that takes chaos and turns it to order, that takes misery and turns it to beauty, that takes sadness and turns it to joy, that takes the materials of life and the afterlife and brings it to earth for the masses to enjoy.

The creator leaves an indelible mark on the world, the creator leaves a legacy that will never be forgotten. Affecting the hearts of millions of people through unrequited passion and a thirst for bringing things to life.

The creator does not compete for supremacy, doesn’t sell out for fame and fortune, the creator takes joy in completing the work, falls in love with the process and the twists in turns of life that stop him from completing his work quickly. The creator is in it for the long haul, the creator thinks hundreds, if not, thousands of years into the future.

The creator is one of pure heart, one that seeks to put smiles on people’s faces and bestow joy upon their souls. The creator, even when sick, ill, or lazy, puts 110% in every single time, for this is all the creator knows, this is all the creator loves.

Creators typically don’t have families or many friends, they only have their work for sustenance. Creators are concerned for the world at large, putting themselves last on the list. Creators seek to change the world by any means, they do not seek money or gain. They only seek the satisfaction of their customers.

Creators are visionaries, creators pursue goals, acquire wealth, and chase dreams. Creators are not subject to the banal and biological purposes of existence. Creators seek to make their own meaning, chase their own purpose, and show others the way to success.

Creators are not competitors, creators are abundant; creators are not takers, they are givers. Creators provide value and only seek to help others, creators bring their work to life with their own life force mixed with that of the divine. Creators create with the purpose of being remembered for all time.

Pursue goals, acquire wealth, chase dreams.

Alright, that’s my spiel. Til next week. . .

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