The Road of a Writer

There will be times where it seems you’ll be writing in a void. That no one sees your work or acknowledges your dedication. There will be times when it seems like no one is on the road but you, that you are completely alone.

There will be times where you’ve been grinding for months with little to no results, you’ve been putting in work day in and day out and nothing is coming to fruition. You know life isn’t a video game but at the same time it is, things just don’t escalate as quickly.

There will be times where the hustle becomes too much and it stresses you out rather than brings you joy, therefore you take a break. That’s alright, rest. But, you know that every second you rest there’s someone out-working you, someone doing better than you, someone getting farther than you.

You know that you are creator but you have the mind of a competitor, you know writing isn’t about doing better than the next person; that it’s about doing what you can and becoming the best you can be. However, you want to be the best, we all do. We’re only human.

You must not give up, under any circumstances. You must come to that novel, short story, article, research paper, etc. You must go to that chair and sit your ass in it. You must look at that blank canvas that can hold endless possibilities or be a white void that blinds you and lead to darkness and despair.

You must go to that canvas and create. You must take that nothingness and bring something to life. You must resuscitate the void and breed life, you must bring 110% and if you can’t, bring 110% of whatever you have.

You cannot quit, you won’t quit, quitting isn’t in your vocabulary. Does a lion quit? Does a Tiger quit? Does any animal quit when it comes to survival, does a billionaire quit when his company starts declining?


No one quits when the stakes are high enough.

You can’t either.

Never quit.

Never give up.

Never surrender.

The road of a writer can and is often a lonely one, but it is a road with a light at the end. That light can be anything you want it to be, you just have to stick with it long enoug to claim it.

Alright, that’s my spiel. Til next week. . .

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