How to write in Rhyme (for Beginners)

Writing in rhyme isn't that hard
there are some many words, you may wonder where to start.
do you follow your brain, or do you follow your heart.
You follow neither when you realize rhyming, is an art.
The first thing you want to do is list some words that rhyme,
look in the dictionary if you have to, I'll give you some time.
Then, put those words into the order you want them to go,
take as much time as you need, doesn't matter if you're fast or slow.
I know, I know, I usually give writing advice.
However, the old paragraph format doesn't suit this quite as nice.
Back to the subject of how to rhyme, have you taken some time, picked
some words you want to try (for gods' sakes, choose normal words, as
twenty, thirty dollar words are most likely beyond your size).
Then, think of a sentence that would make sense with each word at the end,
don't worry about the bigger picture, we'll just pretend,
that nothing else exists except the task, which is a state you want to be in
often if you're going to last.
As a writer, one should know how to rhyme at least a bit, it's not as easy as
you think, unless you used to spit
Freestyles in your head and write raps, then this would be second nature,
even if you took a break and came back.
if not, then you have to start slow, have you written your sentences yet?
Come on, give it a go!
When you finish, it won't be the best in the world but whatever you have,
leave in the comments as I want to know
how people put things together and how they think,
for if one has a bigger perspective the more to life they'll bring.

Alright, that’s my holiday spiel. Til next week. . .

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