Poem Fifteen

Wild passion and genuine curiosity are the 
Fuel for the forces of spontaneity and divine muses
When partaking in the craft, the abject creativity
Unleashed on the canvas is an ecstasy unlike anything
On earth, the godly feeling of bringing tangible life to a
Once conceptual theory in the mind often leads on to
Delusions of grandeur so delicious, so intoxicating that it
Is difficult to escape. How easy it would be to ride the wave
Of godly creation? To let the muse drown me in their magic
As they sprinkle their angelic grace upon my scalp and massage
God’s greatest power into my skull, infusing the otherworldly
Fingers of the one entity that saw fit to instill us with this tiny
Fragment of himself, spread disproportionately around the world,
Given only to those with the propensity to use it to its highest
Potential! The masterful and potent power of creation manifests in
Many forms, forms that give rise to other forms and destroy lesser
Ones in a sometimes brutal yet strangely beautiful slaughter, the
Way the blood of weaker prey glistens in the sun as it is splashed
Around and splayed on the ground, the old form decomposing and
Changing into nourishment for newer forms, I believe that is called
Death. How old must die to make room for the young! How the
Young must grow old to allow space for the yet born, the yet
Created, conceived by the almighty power of godly ingenuity
And innovation, pushing existence and evolution forward through
Trial, error, and constant improvement. Relentlessly making things
Better than they were, even if the mechanism was working just fine
Extending, expanding, retracting, refracting, extracting, all of these
Things take place within the forces of spontaneity and divine
Muses, making it the ultimate and most free form of creation,
The creation of god.

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