Where to get Inspiration for Writing

Books, blogs, anime, movies, cartoons, anywhere really. Inspiration for writing isn’t a linear process, and thank god its not. Inspiration is a result of your brain bouncing around aimlessly, not thinking about anything in particular. It is that moment of relaxation rarely experienced on any given day, where you aren’t worried about anything and all your problems feel like they’re someone else’s.

The thing about inspiration is that we receive it, we don’t take it. Sure, something we see can inspire us to do something but we don’t actively go searching for the thing that ignites the spark. The ignition finds us. One way to kinda control inspiration, but not really, is to read more than you write. Still write, by god, don’t fall into the trap of watching others and wishing you could do what they do instead of doing what they do yourself. You’ll never get anywhere that way!

For me, I read more than I write. Or, at least, I used to. Now its pretty much evened out and I don’t read as much fantasy as I used to, I’m more into self-improvement. However, that doesn’t detract or affect the ideas I get for short stories or novels. Since I have the ability to compartmentalize and fictionalize nearly anything, self-improvement can tie greatly into my stories.

And that’s a quick tip: anything you read, even if unrelated to fiction, can still play a part in your fiction.

Sometimes, something I read out of a non-fiction novel can inspire an idea for a fiction novel. Even something like calculus, for those college students, can be turned into something interesting and cool with enough inventiveness and imagination. If you’ve consumed as much anime, cartoons, fantasy novels, and self-improvement as I have, you’ll find everything just blends together at some point. I mean, there are books about how to cast spells for god’s sake, which indicates that life is sometimes stranger than fiction.

So, what are a couple ways you can ‘inspire yourself’ to write other than waiting for the mood to strike you? Well, there are three I know of:

  1. Be in nature- just let your brain wander, get into a relaxing environment and let all your problems and stresses fade. Don’t fight your thoughts; instead, let them come and go and you’ll quickly discover how they dissolve into nothingness, leaving room for creative juices to flow and inspiration to come.
  2. Go for a walk- sounds like number one but with an obvious difference, you’re moving. This allows you to get expert advice, for those that talk to themselves, and figure out what to do with that story you’ve been working on, what to write next, how to monetize your talents, etc.
  3. Step away and go about life- don’t worry about it. Just go on about your days, look at shit, do what you gotta do and stay consistent. That inspiration will hit you like a brick by the end of the week.

Personally, number two works for me because sitting around for too long with nothing to do bores the shit out of me. I like solitude as much as the next person but, come on? Just sitting around and doing nothing? Nah, I got shit to create and people to help.

Alright, that’s my spiel. Til next week. . .

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