A Couple Things About Philosophy

  1. The whole premise about philosophy is to get people to think, which is discrimination against people who don’t.
  2. Armchair philosophy is just two old people sitting on their asses talking about life, which is what all old people do anyway. . .does that mean old people are philosophers?
  3. The worst person to learn philosophy from is a philosophy professor, as each one has a bias in their field of expertise and philosophy is about embracing the broadest knowledge and the deepest wisdom.
  4. Philosophy literally means “love of wisdom”.
  5. Philosophy is the only thing in the world where you can debate in abstracts (aside from arguing with women) and not be looked at as an idiot . . .or is it?
  6. Philosophy is a way of life, a mindset about accomplishing tasks, achieving goals, establishing relationships, etc. There is no one-size-fits-all so cut the shit.
  7. Philosophers are terrible writers. The grammar police would have a hernia followed by a heart attack reading the papers many philosophers have written over the years.
  8. Philosophers have very simple ideas, they typically extrapolate words from a dictionary and use them to demonstrate their intellectual capacity toward a sense of profundity and depth of knowledge. . . kind of like I did there.
  9. Some philosophers are pragmatic, some are not. However, the whole field of philosophy, back in antiquity, was modern day psychology.
  10. If philosophy had to be summed up in a phrase it would be, “okay, I see you don’t use your brain much, so, I’ll ask you a couple questions to at least try to prompt you to use brain cells, you know, brain cells? the things required for thinking? You don’t? Sigh.”

Alright, that’s my spiel. Til next week. . .

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