A Couple Things About Writing

  1. Even though it is the only job where you can be antisocial and get work done, you have to be social for everyone to see that work.
  2. Sometimes you have these incredible ideas and you feel like you can write for days. . . and other times you feel like you’re a disgrace and waste of existence.
  3. Writing is a long and grueling career with more downs than ups. . .except the ups make the downs worth it.
  4. If you’ve ever experienced writer’s block, join the club. . . literally, there’s a club for people with writer’s block. . . mostly likely located in a basement near you.
  5. There are two routes with publishing your work: traditional or self. Traditional costs a shit ton of money and self is a shit ton of work. Either way, you’ll have to do a shit ton of something!
  6. Every time you finish a novel you feel like you’ve written the greatest thing ever. . . only to realize after the briefest scrutiny that it’s a total disaster and you should probably throw your laptop, and yourself, out the window.
  7. Writing is fun and all but, when you do it every day and you don’t get any comments on your content, good or bad, sometimes you contemplate robbing a bank, being a stripper, literally anything else opposed to coming home from work to type some drivel no one will ever read.
  8. If you want to be the next Stephen King, just know he didn’t become successful until he was about 50. So, if you’re in your twenties or thirties, you have a helluva long way to go. . .and hell is an understatement.
  9. All writers are terrible marketers and all marketers are terrible writers. Writers don’t want to be seen but rather their work get the credit. Marketers want to be seen and don’t care if their work gets any credit. All in all, if you’re a writer, you’re probably a terrible marketer.
  10. If you read this list and take any of it seriously then realize it was all a joke meant to be relatable and funny, then you. . .are probably slow.

Just kidding, you’re a writer. . .or are you?

Alright, that’s my spiel. Til next week. . .

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