A Poem Called Slow Death

Living a fast life, experience slow death
Exhilaration daily steals all your breaths
Surprise and adventure and yet you never
Expect for the day you come face to face
With the reaper, floats through the air as
If outside of time, a higher form of existence
Than man in his prime, your life starts to unravel,
Accomplishments unwind and a vivid vision
Enters and forces you to rewind. Going over
The footage of good deeds and sins, weighing
Both sides to see which one wins, and death
Looks on, knowing you’re not long for this
World, and all of it sums up to the girl that you
Did it all for, embarrassed yourself for, degraded
Yourself for, put aside your pride and brought an
Expensive ring for, and death reflects her face as it
Steals the last of your life and you’re dead before you
Even feel the scythe strike.

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