Philosophy of Time

To understand the philosophy of time, you have to understand what time is. Time, is a man-made concept. it has no inherent meaning or bearing on our lives, the fact we think it does give it that power.

Well, that’s one view of it.

The other view is that time has always existed since the dawn of creation, it just wasn’t labeled and measured by humans.

Simple enough.

practically, time is a unit of measurement. It puts this eternal state of now we live in into manageable chunks so that we can get things done in the most efficient way possible. Yes, it is limited and the only thing in the world we can’t get back aside from dead things. However, if you ever stop for a moment and go to an area away from the bustling cities and the small yet busy towns, and just sit in nature for a moment, you feel this eternal peace and calm. Well, after you clear that monkey mind of yours, anyway.

The thing about time is that even though it is the only thing (aside from the dead) we can’t get back, people just waste it like it’s unlimited. In a way, it is unlimited in the sense that it doesn’t exist tangibly in the first place. Although time is limited, a lot can be done within it; in fact, the amount of things that can be done in time is limitless simply because time itself is limitless.

But wait, didn’t I just say time is limited?

Yes, time is limited. It is also limitless.

“Hold on,” you ask, “how can time be limited and limitless at the same time?”

Simple, you, individually, have limited time but the amount you can accomplish in that time is limitless. How do you think we still remember Shakespeare after 500 years? Alexander the Great after 2500 years? The Spartans after 2000 years?

Simple, though they had far less time on an individual basis to achieve what they did, they still achieved something that would make them immortal, in a sense in the eyes of history as did Alexander the Great and Shakespeare. The thing about time being limited is our awareness of the fact we are in time (life) is limited while our time on this earth (intangibly through memory or accomplishments) is unlimited if what we achieve is iconic enough.

In essence, in this mortal body, we use time as a stepping stone to transcend ourselves by achieving things to insert ourselves into the minds and hearts of thousands and even millions. Take Michael Jackson, the king of pop, for example. There was a concert where he just popped out from the ground, stood on stage for five minutes while the crowd essentially lost their minds. A person in a wheelchair fainted, I heard.

That, is the essence of time being limited for the individual but limitless as a concept. Being, if we use our time wisely and efficiently, we can achieve things that transcend our lifespan and perhaps centuries beyond our time period.

Time, is a man-made concept with no inherent meaning except that we give it. Time is limited and limitless at the same time, it has existed before us and will exist after us. The only thing that attaches us to time at all is our perception of it. Wisdom comes from this change of perception as well as the efficient use of time as a stepping stone.

Alright, that’s my spiel. Til next week. . .

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