Philosophy of Darkness

Darkness can be a scary thing; in fact, it is one of our most primal fears as it leads to the unknown. Everyone has heard the saying or proverb of “sometimes you must travel through the dark to get to the light” or something to that effect. In many cases it is true, as life has a theme of coming full circle.

The thing with darkness is that it is an absence of light, nothing more. It only induces fear because people are too immersed in physical reality, they have no higher awareness of the nature of existence and the ever-changing world outside of their little space. Darkness not only represents the absence of light but is symbolic of stepping out of one’s comfort zone.

The comfort zone is synonymous to the world of light, and the world of light is synonymous to that of the blue pill. Everything is copacetic and you know your surroundings, nothing surprises you and you sometimes experience boredom. You sometimes want something different but are too afraid to go out and get it as it may take far from your comfort zone, as life tends to do once it steers you into a new direction.

The thing about darkness is that it leads to change, it kills the old individual and gives birth to a new, more enlightened one. One that can still live life with the predestined passion but instead of immense naivety, they live with experience and knowledge as well as a more realistic viewpoint of what is possible and what isn’t.

The one that emerged from darkness reaches a higher awareness relative to the world they live in. They do not know fully the nature of existence and reality; however, they become just a little more aware of the world they live in so as not to be taken advantage of. Most people think that going through one journey is enough; however, life is a little less forgiving than that.

Having a dark outlook on reality classifies some as “doomers” who thinks everything is fucked and there’s no hope, much like the black pill. However, having a dark outlook aims to see to the bottom of the rabbit hole and expose the truth of the matter or person they’re dealing with.

Darkness is predicated on negativity, it is predicated on raw, uncut truth and pain and some suffering. It is predicated on instilling this pain and suffering to make one stronger on their journey to self-actualization. However, people don’t have to take this journey. There is no reason to. That’s why people choose to pursue their own agenda rather than self actualization.

Darkness simply removes the smoke and mirrors. It removes the deception. It removes all the rosy and peachy things that appear to be real but aren’t. it only aims to show what really goes on behind the scenes, and sometimes those scenes are horrific. Not many people can stomach them.

Darkness is not only a mindset, the nature of reality, and a way of life, it is also a way of improving your condition. Strengthening your constitution toward life and molding you into a better individual.

Alright, that’s my spiel. Till next week. . .

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