How to Save a Story You’re Deeply Invested In

Alright Kiddies, no witty intro today, I’m just going to get right into it. When it comes to saving a story you’re invested in, you only have to do a few things. However, I’ll give you a list, in no particular order, of things you can do. You can choose what works for you.

  1. Step away from the story- just that. Get your ass out the chair and take breather. Go for a smoke, take a shot of Jack, whatever you got to do. Just get away from the story and clear your head because busting your brain is only going to make the matter worse.
  2. Clear your mind- Stop whatever you’re doing and just sit there. Let the thoughts jump around, don’t fight or resist, just sit there. Sometimes, all you gotta do is tell your mind to shut the fuck up so the creative juices can start flowing.
  3. Entertain yourself- watch Youtube videos, watch Netflix, jerk off to porn, whatever it takes. Just get yourself out of that high stress situation, anything but sitting in front of that story because as of this moment, it will be the death of you.
  4. Take a week off- how is this different from number 1? simple, number on is just a quick breather. Here, you’re closing the tab and forgetting about it for a while. Don’t write anything new, don’t try to come up with new stories. Hang out with friends, just live life and the solution will come.
  5. Don’t be afraid of the story dying- this one is hard. Sometimes, we put massive effort into a story that turns out to be a dead end. And, even if we finish it, we don’t feel like it’s our best and we get this sense of “it’s over”. Only do this one under extreme circumstances, most stories can be saved and taken from zero to epic with a little editing and dedication.

Those are just some things you can do. Most of them are predicated on taking a break from the subject but the thing is, there’s nothing you can do under high stress. You have to chill out, regain your composure and start again. That’s really the only way to save or continue a story you’re invested in.

Alright, that’s my spiel. Til next week . . .

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