Poem Nine

What is the cost of being great?
Mediocrity, family life, comfortability?
What is the cost of reaching your highest potential?
Friends, being social, one with the crowd, fitting in?
What would one do to become truly great, what would
One sacrifice, what price is too steep to pay?
Does one want to be great, really great, truly great? Does one
Want to go through the struggle, pain, ridicule, chastising
Involved with becoming great, becoming a true visionary that
Pushes mankind forward through some fated field like science,
Technology, mathematics, psychology, philosophy, medicine?
What does one sacrifice for true greatness, what does one give up
For the world, what essence of being does one put forward to
For the large and daunting task of greatness, what attachments
Does one leave behind to become truly great, truly godlike?

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