The Troubles of a Multi-faceted Writer

Alright, as you all should know, I am a multi-faceted writer. This means I write about multiple topics and don’t specialize in any particular one. I guess this comes from all those years at college and my many interests and intellectual pursuits but that’s not what this segment is about.

This, is about how to overcome the overwhelming nature of being a multi-faceted writer.

Now, the first thing about being a multi-faceted writer is that it’s not a bad thing, and there’s nothing disadvantageous about it, unless you don’t know you’re a multi-faceted writer or you do know, but can’t seem to focus all your interest into one channel.

How do you know you’re a multi-faceted writer? Here are five ways to find out:

  1. You prefer variety to the same old thing when it comes to writing, reading, or any other intellectual activity.
  2. You read many different genres and don’t particularly have a leaning toward a specific one.
  3. When you write, it seems like your stories are all over the place, trying to link many things that make little to no sense, and you have to spend hours trying to make it make sense to no avail.
  4. When you plot, you over plot and when you write out your ass, you pull it all the way out of your ass with really no in-between.
  5. You envision yourself being good at anything, especially things you wouldn’t have interest in in a million years.

If I were to judge myself, I would say these all apply or have applied to me at one point or another. The thing with me is that I know my limits and I stay away from things I have no interest in, but would probably be decent at because I know it would take more work to become decent at it.

Anyway, if all these things apply to you, it’s alright. There’s an easy–well, not easy–simple. Yeah, let’s go with that. There’s a simple solution to this.

Wanna know what it is?

Alright, I won’t make you wait. Here it is:

Take all of your interests and intellectual pursuits, find one to five things they have in common, narrow it down to the commonality you find the most interesting, and center your work around that. Making each interest and pursuit an aspect to your stories, writings, etc.

Essentially, you’re creating your own formula to suit your multi-faceted writing.

That’s it. Nothing else to it.

How do you go about this? Simple, make a list. Make it as long as it needs to be, and narrow down.

I know, I know, it may be hard to let go of some interests but here’s the good thing about this: you don’t have to let go of anything.

You simply make it an aspect instead of a main focus.

The thing about multi-faceted writing is is that it has too many rabbit holes that are endless. You job, is to find one rabbit hole you like and go down that one as deep as it goes while including bits of everything else along the way. That way, you get to touch upon multiple things under one, central umbrella.

See? I told you it was simple.

Alright, that’s my spiel. Til next week . . .

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