Poem Eight

The whispers of sweet nothings and even sweeter
Promises permeate throughout the city of damnation
As black skies with even blacker clouds shroud the city
In utter darkness, the devil’s deeds are performed with
The greatest efficiency when no one looks and the ugly
Nature of survival is never revealed. The sleek and haphazardly
Defined beasts walk amongst the innocent with a seamless grace
That appears heavenly, skulking the turf for more victims and
Apprentices they can snatch up and pass down the ways of evil
And darkness. The city of damnation is a place for the cold-
blooded, the ruthless and relentless, the heartless and thoughtless.
All the pleasures of the city of damnation are of the lowest and
Base degree, appealing to the animal inside, feeding off the
Resistance of rationalization and reason, the struggle that nobility
And ideology fight to no avail. The smell of sex, drugs, and rock n’
Roll fill the air, tinged with piss, shit, and STD’s and average
Blowjobs. The city of damnation is the preamble to hell, the
Prologue to purgatory, and the end of anyone that aims to live a
Life of decency.

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