Poem Seven

Your voice is like the sweetest love song,
A melody I’ve been waiting to hear for so long,
Searching the seven seas just to meet you and embrace
Your heavenly scent as my eyes feast upon instead of greet you.
Your hair is like the finest silk,
Flowing in the wind as if strolling along it,
Waves of autumn orange swimming through the
Your walk is that of a goddess, the sway of your hips,
The graceful steps you take, the way you seem to glide,
The way you twirl and bask in the sun, your silhouette
Dancing with the rays to the tune of nature’s love song.
When the sun falls and the moon rises, when the stars
Emerge and illuminate the skies with a spotted yet endless
Light, your hazel eyes reflect that infinite passion, that unstoppable
Love as I caress your face and kiss you as a comet flies by.

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