Production, Production, Production

Alright, are you back? Did you finish all those novels, short stories, poems, articles, or whatever the fuck you write? No? Then keep working, this segment isn’t for you (it really is, I’m just being facetious). Yes? then listen up because your work is nowhere near done (if you’re a writer, it’s never done).

What you want to do next is to star putting your stuff out there whether it be self-publishing, sending your stories to magazines, asking for collaborations, marketing, etc. You need to start working toward getting your books on the bookshelf at Barnes & Noble and you need to start now.

The writer’s road is a long, lonely, and hell-paved one. No one in their sane state of mind would choose this road as it’s just as thankless as being a father to a superstar NBA player (in most cases). However, if you decided to continue writing after you found out that you had to talk to people and you couldn’t just produce stories and make money while being unknown yourself, then you’re crazy enough to be reading this segment. So, here goes . . .

The first and obvious step, after you’ve finished up the old stuff and tidied up that war chest, is to write some more. Well, really it’s to get that old stuff out there, and then write some more. If you have short stories, publish a short story collection, start a blog, send them out to literary magazines, whatever you got to do. Just get that old stuff out of there so you can focus on writing newer and better stuff.

If you have a novel, same thing. Get it out of there. Stop shielding it from the world. There are people who’ll love it (outside of your family and friends) and there are people who will hate it (surely outside your family and friends). A wise woman in a writer’s group I used to attend once said, “just because something’s bad, doesn’t mean people won’t like it”.

Afraid of publishing a crappy book? Don’t worry, people have crappier tastes, you’ll be fine. Publish that novel!

Second step? Once you get that old stuff out, time to write newer and better stuff. You don’t have time to worry about the opinions of others (though the publishing business is mostly predicated on such), you have epic shit to write! Can’t afford editing? Do it yourself, can’ afford publishing? Do it yourself. Can’t afford formatting? Do it yourself. You see a theme here?

We live in a time where it’s easy to learn how to do things and get shit done on your own, you have to overcome the belief that for something to be high quality it has to be done professionally. Well, how did the professionals become professional? Through trial and error, learning from failures and pushing forward. It’s time for you to do the same. Learn what you can about self-publishing, take control of your writing career, and start producing until you have so much shit in the market KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) has to put a stop on your account because you’re putting out too much!

This is what if means to be prolific. Flood the market and someone will see you, someone will give you a shot. Someone will like what they read, and as long as you know that in your heart, your writing career will be fine.

Alright, that’s my spiel. Til next week . . .

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