Returning from Hiatus

Now, let’s get one thing about this clear: This is not a segment about Writer’s Block. This is a segment about returning from a Hiatus (long break) which means two different things.

I’ve recently returned from a month (more like two month) break from writing and let me tell you, try to keep the writing vacations to a minimum. Returning from a Hiatus is sometimes harder than overcoming writer’s block for a list of reasons.

  1. You tend to lose touch with the creative essence.
  2. You lose your flow and connectivity to the subject you write about.
  3. You feel this malaise, like a rustiness that’s hard to shake off, making it difficult to get back into rhythm.
  4. You get ridiculously lazy.
  5. You get caught up in life and often can’t seem to make time for writing due to the chaos you’re constantly swimming in.

And the list goes on and on.

Well, what I’m going to do is help those out who’ve been on a long break and want to get back to writing like Stephen King as soon as possible (or Steven Pressfield, whichever one you like better).

The first thing you want to do is look back at your old material. I know, I know, why would you want to look at that nightmare called your writing collection? You want to read books by actual authors who know what they’re doing, I get it. So do I. But, you need to get an idea on where you left off so that you can get back to that point and surpass it as quickly as possible.

The second thing you want to do is start reading books on the subject you write about. No, not reference books or some classroom bullshit like that. I mean books in the genre of what you write about. Example, if you write fantasy, read fantasy. That’s all I’m saying. This will help you get some ideas on what type of story you want to write and where you ultimately want to take your writing career.

Third, sit your ass down and start typing. There’s really nothing else to this except to do it. You won’t think your way back into the game, you have to make your way there. Start working on old material. Finish off those novels you stopped writing 500 pages in, continue on those newer works you stopped at about 100 pages in, finish those short stories that are 17,000 words with no ending, whatever it is that needs to get done, finish it. This is how you return and wipe the slate clean.

Alright, that’s my spiel. Get your ass in that chair, look through the old war chest, and get to it! Til next week . . .

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