Poem Five


Love is a terrible thing that forces us to
Change in radical ways, all the pain, loss
And sorrow tinged in the blood splaying
The ground. Rhythmic tunes of unrequited
Passion roaring within us, forcing us to do
Things we never thought ourselves capable, in
Midst of our tirades and temperamental swings
We don’t realize that we end up destroying the
Thing we love the most, the thing we’d swore we’d
Never hurt, the thing we swore to protect.
Love is a beautiful thing that forces us out of our
Comfort zone, making us do things we never thought
Ourselves capable, engaging in kindness we didn’t think
We possessed. The harmonious tunes of requited passion
Burn a fire inside us we’ve yearned to feel since we were
Born, unrealized potential comes to the surface and propels
To unimaginable heights, changing us into the person we always
Dreamed we would be, at least for a moment.

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