Philosophy of MGTOW

Alright, alright, I’ll talk about it. The Philosophy of MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way).

First thing’s first, though. If this segment offends anyone, anyone at all. Understand I do not give a single fuck. Okay? Now, you can comment your opinions, all are welcomed regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, religion, etc. as all of my posts are.

Alright, now that the legal stuff’s out of the way, let’s get to it.

First off, MGTOW is a philosophy, not a movement. There isn’t an organization of men (besides the Men’s Rights Advocates) pushing to change laws or anything to that nature, no. MGTOW is a mindset, a mentality that has been around since the beginning of time. From rejects to outcasts to invisible men to lifelong bachelors, the MGTOW philosophy is predicated on going against the grain of a society that doesn’t give a shit about men, at all.

In this society, men are utilities, human doings (not beings, doings.) Men are told to take responsibility for their’s and other people’s mistakes, to fix other people’s problems, and to put other people first and to feel good about it. Men are told to help others without expecting anything in return so they can be exploited and thrown away when they’ve outlived their usefulness.

It sucks but it’s true. Society, which men have build from the sweat of their brow, has completely failed men and let them down not so gently. Society has overplayed men’s strength, making them seem invincible, and then punished them for this perceived invincibility and have made women (not all, for those waiting to be offended) seem like little children who know no better and can do no wrong.

The reason MGTOW exists? Simple, look at marriage and family court laws. Men get fucked with the equivalent of a fifteen inch dildo and no one says a word about it, meanwhile if a man even looks at a woman in a certain way, he can be accused of rape and be sent to prison through civil court which demands no evidence.

Now, I would go through the statistics of the number of cases being filed in family court and divorce court, but we all know men aren’t filing those cases. Think about it, a man, the “provider”, protector”, “the rock”, demanding alimony and child support from a “frail”, weak”, “defenseless”, woman? Ridiculous.

Now, if you don’t believe what’s being written here, check out youtube channels TFM (Turd Flinging Monkey), Coach Greg Adams, Think Before You Sleep, Thinking Ape (Stardusk), StephIsCold, etc. to get a better understanding of what men are talking about.

Now, the whole idea of MGTOW is “until shit is more fair and equal for all of us, and women stop getting so many damn advantages, we’re not going to work for this society. We will not continue to put these undeserving, ungrateful, and unqualified women on pedestals where they can sit on their asses and smelly vaginas and exploit us for everything we’ve worked our entire lives to accomplish! No more!”

Or something to that effect.

Men are tired of being utilities, men are tired of being treated like heartless machines bred to serve and kiss ass while enduring shitty treatment, men are tired of living in a society that gives zero fucks about them (a society they and their fathers built, by the way), and men are being tired of not being taken seriously, of not being seen as a being that feels and experiences pain like the rest of the world.

Alright, that’s my spiel. Til next week . . .

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