Writer Type (The Grimreaper)

Now, this is my favorite writer type, probably because I’m a Grimreaper myself. The Grimreaper is a writer that takes writing in solitude to a totally different level. This writer not only writes with the door closed and the world shut out but also edits and publishes in the same fashion.

I know this goes counter to how writers are supposed to evolve and develop but hear me out, you’ll like this one.

The Grimreaper is also mechanical in their approach to writing, they typically write at the same time every morning or night (like the militant), they often write about the dark and scary stuff, mostly having to do with death and ghosts and monsters out to kill innocents. They typically read stuff along the same lines and have a vested interest in the actual Grimreaper himself.

These writers are typically loners (like the recluse), wear nothing but black (like every other writer), and are eerily quiet at times even though they possess a vast and potent knowledge of writing, the process, how to be a more effective writer, etc.

The Grimreaper is the true definition of a writer being they observe and are almost rarely, if ever, observed themselves. They stay in the background and only speak when spoken to or there’s something pressing they need to address to the group or person they’re in contact with.

The Grimreaper is also a mystery as if you ask them to submit something, they will. Although, they typically don’t submit the same thing twice, they always have something different to show, some new facet of their creative ability to put on display. So, even though they tend to write dark and scary stuff (like horror writers), they read a variety of things which adds to the spice of their writing and have the ability to be lighthearted at times; in fact, Grimreaper’s often have marshmallows for hearts in the first place, they just look like death incarnate.

Well, that’s my spiel on the subject.

Till next week. . .

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