The Philosophy of Minimalism

Here’s the thing about Minimalism, it is not a vow of poverty. it isn’t a declaration of going monk and living off of three grains of rice for the rest of your life and wearing the same thing every day without washing it.

No, minimalism simply means “no extra shit”.

That’s it. No extra shit.

Minimalism is predicated on taking stock of yourself and figuring out what you actually need to survive in life. Everything from essentials like food and clothes to borderline luxury like a car, house, decorative objects like chandeliers, paintings, etc. It is simply an analysis and a decision to clear the slate and start from scratch.

Minimalism is a philosophy, not a movement. It is a mentality, not a trend. So, when one says they are a minimalist, they are simply saying that they only use what they need and no more. They do not over-consume nor do they under-consume, they take and use what they need.

It’s not complicated.

Example: let’s say you’re a man that makes $150,000 a year, has a house in the Hampton’s that costs $300,000 with a mortgage of at least $5,000 and a Lamborghini you’re financing for about $3,000 per month along with a spoiled brat of a girlfriend that maxes out your credit card and puts you in debt on a regular basis. Let’s say this debt is $20,000.

What would be the first step to minimizing the amount of financial damage being done here?

The answer? Break up with that spoiled girlfriend.

Why? Because she’s contributing to your debt. Scratch that, she is the direct cause of your debt. How? Well, who did you get that Lambo for, huh? Who did you get that house in the Hampton’s for? Who do you lavish with gifts and affection? That’s right, her.

You get rid of that girlfriend, you have money you can put toward paying off that debt she put you in. Why pay off the debt first? So the collection agency doesn’t come to your fucking door and throw your ass in jail, that’s why.

What do you do after paying off the debt?

You downsize.

Get rid of that house in the Hamptons because that is a major liability, unless you’re renting it out people but most likely you’re not, so, the house has to go.

It’s gonna be like hell paying the bank all that money but you gotta do it. You have to get out of the financial hole your dick got you in because that was what got you in that mess in the first place.

So, after you pay off the mortgage, now you have to get rid of the Lambo. Yhup, the car has to go to because that is another liability sucking your wallet dry. Once you get rid of that (only getting about 1/5 of what you bought it for back) now you have to work your ass off to make sure all your bills are paid and your money isn’t tied up. Once you’ve established that you have to reevaluate how you want to live your life.

Do you want a spoiled girlfriend that spends all your money? Do you want a house you’ll have to work yourself into the grave to pay off? Do you want to be a slave to material possessions and other people, never getting to live your life your way?

This is what minimalism is about, taking control of your life, getting out of the rat race, and saving yourself. Let all those other fools do that dumb shit, you’re on your way to freedom which is at the root of minimalism and any other philosophy: to be yourself and live life on your terms.

Minimalism doesn’t just apply to material things, it also applies to people. Friends, family members, co-workers, girlfriends, boyfriends, etc. It is about cutting all the extra shit you don’t need (or want) out of your life and breathing again.

Alright, that’s my spiel. Til next week.

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