Writer Type (The Militant)

There are many types of writers with many personas out there, it’s how writers choose to differentiate themselves and their work from the plethora of writers and would-be writers of the world. Some writers are happy and healthy, others are dark and cynical, addicts of some kind, dark and depressing, brooding and reclusive, and many other personality types.

Today, we’re going to talk about the militant writer (not necessarily someone who served in the army, but that can be the case).

The militant writer is the disciplined writer, the writer with an ironclad schedule, the one who is punctual to the point of compulsiveness and the one who responds promptly and doesn’t mince words. These writers tend to have a short and concise style, kind of like Hemingway. They don’t waste space on the page, they get to the point, describe only what needs describing and they move on because they got shit to do and story to tell.

The militant writer writes the same amount every day, no more and no less. They have a set routine that’s about as tight knit as a skimpy dress on a . . . well, let’s just say “lady” isn’t he word for those types but you get the idea.

The militant writer is all about discipline.

This writer doesn’t feel like a slave to the routine; in fact, this writer thanks his/her ass that they have this routine otherwise it’d be complete chaos. These writers tend to like order and do everything they can to create and maintain that order in their lives as well as their writing. They like everything to be clean and crisp and efficient. That way, they can do what they have to do and move on to the next thing.

Note: nothing gets on a militant writer’s nerves like being slowed up because everything’s out of order (i.e. inefficient).

Now, being a militant writer isn’t necessary but there is one benefit that all writers can take from the militant: they don’t rely on motivation nor do they wait until the mood strikes them. They’ve developed the habit of writing every day and their brain is constantly coming up with new things to write about (i.e. they never get writer’s block).

There are many types of writers in the world and by no means is one type the best type, it just depends on your personality. However, there is a little something to take from every writing type that can help you become a better writer, and the top thing from the militant is discipline.

Well, that’s my spiel on the subject.

Till next week. . .

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