Philosophy of The Reject

Let’s make something clear out the gate: Rejects and Outcasts are not the same. A Reject is someone who is actively ostracized from society, an outcast is someone who is passively or naturally ostracized from society (i.e. invisible).

The mindset of the reject is that of loneliness, social anxiety, fear, and generally a dark and grim existence. However, it doesn’t have to be that way, some rejects enjoy being rejects. They enjoy going against the grain and being away from society because they either see society for what it really is or they have a natural sense of autonomy and freedom.

An outcast, on the other hand, is someone that goes unnoticed, ignored and their existence generally isn’t acknowledged until they do something off the wall of considered insane. Outcasts are not looked at as social losers rather are simply not in the equation at all. Outcasts aren’t counted out, per se, but they’re not even counted to begin with.

A reject is counted out, stepped on, manipulated, used, taken advantage of because of their lack of social status due to shaming, bullying, cyber-bullying, etc. The reject is often someone who has been looked at as weird, abnormal, creepy, loser, geek, nerd, dweeb, etc.

There are three types of rejects: the weak, the moderate, the strong.

The weak reject often succumbs to the social shaming, bullying, ostracizing, etc. and mostly decides to commit suicide, suffers through deep depression, or in some cases, act out violently (i.e. shooting up schools, going on killing sprees, etc.)

The moderate reject suffers through the same things the weak reject does except they don’t go out and kill people because of their insecurities and problems. Instead, they keep to themselves and learn to be comfortable alone. Somehow, they develop a level of self-respect whether from introspection or observations of the worthless and frivolous nature of society. They discover that they were never missing out on anything and decide to become outcasts, to become invisible.

The strong reject often accepts the role of reject and becomes an outcast early on. However, this reject seeks other like themselves and works to create a community for other rejects and outcasts to come to and form social bonds humans desperately need to function in life. In other words, the strong reject is often the leader no one knew about, the one people counted out without knowing that this person would become counted on. The strong reject isn’t really a reject but an innovator, a pioneer of sorts.

The reject can either be someone that goes out and kills themselves and others because they don’t fit in or someone that decides to make their own society. Someone that fades into the black, never to be heard from again or someone who starts something new and unites people.

Alright, that’s my spiel. Til next week. . .

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