The Essence of a Writer

The essence of a writer contains many things but one thing every writer has in common is giving. Whether it’s giving out pain, pleasure, misery, opinions, insights, fantasies brought to life on the page, etc. Every writer gives something. But, what makes it special is the spirit in which the writer give is in.

Is it given from a place of pain? A place of joy? A place of sadness and sorrow? A place of curiosity and imagination? Whichever it is for you, you’re giving something to the world.

Writers that give from a place of pain and suffering have usually experienced it themselves, or they’ve seen other people go through it and want to spread awareness about this facet of human existence. Writers tend to give insights and perspective to life that you wouldn’t get in a conversation, they give something that goes deeper than just an intricate plot and an amazing storyline.

The essence of a writer is to be an observer of the world and mirror it back on itself to hep it become better aware of itself, to scour the depths of its tunnels and bowels and nothingness and bring back something worth admiring or contemplating. Writers are the eyes that see through the surface and examine the soul to understand what it really wants, and then use a system (language) that can’t really do it justice to describe the indescribable.

Writers have a monumental task once they decide to pick up the pen, and unlimited space to complete it in. A writer can sometimes go so deep into a topic as to lose their readers and themselves int he process, and then must have the skill to bring themselves and the reader back as no one is there to save the writer. Much like in life, no one is there to save you when you need it the most.

And that, I believe, is the essence of a writer. To use the power of words to help others when they need it the most because no one was there to save them when they went through the tough times of writing a fantastic story. Sure, writers have friends and colleagues to give advice and pointers but instilling essence and soul into a story is something a writer must do alone, which is what makes the essence of writing giving.

A writer gives up part of their soul for every story, no matter how short, or long, it is.

Well, that’s my spiel on the subject.

Till next week. . .

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