The Philosophy of Awakening

This segment will be a short one as I know little about it, even though the mental gymnastics I’m about to perform may make it seem like I do.

The first thing about awakening is that it transcends all concepts and man-made meanings. Awakening means understanding the true nature of existence and reality, it transcends language and all other forms of symbolism and cannot be taught in a classroom fashion. All spiritual, religious, existential, and esoteric teachings only point toward awakening but is not awakening itself.

Awakening is synonymous with awareness. it is simply the highest level of agency possible for human beings. It is the understanding that everything is consciousness, that all objects and subjects are essentially one and that there is no difference between you and the other person. The mindset of someone like The Buddha is more than just an elevated form of intelligence, it is an understanding about the soul of a man, woman, the essence of creation and the energy of everything around you.

The only constant in life is change, and awakening is the acceptance of reality having no ground. The understanding that nothing lasts forever and that one form must die for another to be born. Awakening is understanding that you, as a human, were created in the image if the highest creator and that the highest creator is you. That the universe is one with you and you are one with the universe.

It may sound crazy, far-fetched, and non-pragmatic. However, it is the most practical thing you can understand. Anything you experience as a human, you get used to and once you get used to seeing or experiencing the same thing over and over again, it becomes background noise. it becomes still.

Think about when you workout or are performing some task. When you get focused on the task and you’re just doing it, your mind becomes clear and you reach this state of flow, this state of stillness that is peaceful. All your problems fade into the black and for a moment nothing else matters but the task at hand. Spiritual teachers call this “the state of no-mind”.

Awakening is simply a permanent station in the state of no-mind. You realize that no matter what happens everything will be alright. You realize that everything you see and experience will be lost. All your joys and all your pains.

With change being the constant in reality, change becomes the very thing it is supposed to be the opposite of which is stillness. It makes sense because change often resembles a free-fall in the sense of perpetual motion. If you fall for long enough your body will get used to the sensation and you will become effectively stationary, because the fall no longer fazes you.

This is the crux of awakening that can only be experienced. The words I’m using to talk about it only represent a guide to point you toward it, they are not awakening itself. Keep this in mind and maybe you can pursue it if that’s what you want.

Note: I’m not a guru. Just a humble philosopher and truth seeker.

Alright, that’s my spiel. Til next week. . .

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