Ghost (Part 3)

Jason turned and looked into the calm night sky. After a minute or so an object appeared in the distance. At first, it seemed like a missile. No, not a missile. Not here. The Macklemore’s owned this place, this was where they made a sizable sum of their trillions. She wouldn’t dream of shooting a missile here. Destroying a city meaning a couple blocks here or there, sure, but messing up one of daddy’s money-making machines, meaning the entire city, was a huge no-no.

Thaddeus Macklemore’s daughter has done this before, fallen for a boy, had sex with him then got thrown to the wayside because she was “too rich for their blood” and the size and reach of daddy’s pockets were “on a whole different planet” as they would all say.

Jason was different though, he didn’t care about her father’s money and prestige, he didn’t even seem fazed by the magnitude of his wealth which attracted Leila greatly. Jason also had a particular look about him when interacting with women, he would tilt his head just a bit to the left and gaze into their eyes with sincere interest and attention. He seemed to hang upon their every word, even when their stories were boring as fuck. He would make them feel as if they were the only person in the room. Hell, he’d make a supermodel feel like the only person in the universe if you left him with her long enough.

Jason gave Leila something she’s never had in her life, even with access to trillions–freedom. With his ghost powers, he was able to take her outside daddy’s watchful eye and give her a taste of the real world. Although Leila has been all over, it was always under daddy’s supervision–even though he was never physically there, she knew he had an ever-watchful eye on her. Jason made her vanish from under that eye. He made her feel like she mattered. He made her feel like a woman, his woman.

One of the warehouses exploded and a large object descended from the night sky. It was a robotic suit, one of those suits that allowed perfect efficiency when multitasking. It stood about eight feet tall, made of titanium. The body was cut out in the shape of a person–more like a Greek god since it was designed to perfection. It was grey with black trim and a glass window on its chest to see the face of the one operating it, Leila’s face. Her chocolate brown eyes were filled with hurt–her brown hair flowed wildly beyond her shoulders to the small of her back–and hatred, and yet–when one looked closely–it was obvious she was still quite fond of him.

Jason stood silent for a moment then walked toward the machine and it walked toward him until they were ten paces from each other. Tension filled the air. The atmosphere could be cut with a knife as the intensity seemed to manifest into physical form.

“Here we are,” Jason said.

“Here we are,” Leila replied. “You might as well give up and come home,” her smirk almost turned to a sadistic smile, “you won’t escape. You can’t escape. I know everything about you,” she glared into his eyes, “Everything.”

“That right?” He asked, “Did you know I don’t wanna be with you?”

Casey had to stifle her laugh–she was hiding behind one of those industrial electrical conductors that power the wire towers. Jordan, on the other hand, remained focused. He was fully aware of how dangerous a woman’s scorn can be, with or without a one-hundred-and-fifty billion dollar ironman suit.

“I know about your ghost powers, Jason,” Leila said. “I know your strengths,” she started pacing around him, retaining the distance of ten steps, “I know your weaknesses. I know your abilities. I know your tendencies. I’ve seen all the data my father has collected on you. I also know you’ve done some work with him in the past. I know about your friends. I know about your family. I know your entire life.”

“And?” Jason replied.

“And,” Leila said with a look of satisfaction, “I know about her.”

Jason shot a look at her and clenched his fist. His eyes turned from deep brown to steel grey.

“Hit a nerve?” She asked in a condescending tone, “I thought I might.”

“If you know what’s good for you,” Jason said with a deep and grating voice, “you’d shut your mouth and go home.”

“Aww, is scary ghost mad? You about to cry?” She mocked, “I heard she screamed before she died. Tell me, is that true? You were there as well, weren’t you?”

 Jason turned to his ghost form and flashed toward her. She smirked and waited until he was within two inches and tried to grab him. She missed. Jason disappeared and ended up behind her. He phased through the machine and yanked her out. She flew and tumbled then rolled on the ground for about twenty feet. Jason picked up the machine and threw it to the skies.

When the machine was gone he turned to a terrified Leila. She crawled back as Jason walked toward her. Each step making his intent to harm her clear. She brought up the worst thing that ever happened to Jason–something even his friends didn’t know about and made light of it simply because she was going through a teenage heartbreak. Unforgivable. Totally unforgivable.

 Fear left her speechless, she knew an apology would be useless. She knew offering money would be useless. She knew she was well beyond daddy’s watchful eye. This was a life and death situation, and she was about to experience the latter.

“Holy shit,” Casey whispered, “he’s gonna kill her!”

“What?!” Jordan said as Casey got up and abandoned her hiding place, running toward Jason.

“Aw hell!” Jordan shook his head as he chased after her.

Jason’s eyes were a steel and unforgiving grey. His clothes took on a cloaked and ghostly form though his body was still human. He extended his hand and a grey ball of energy manifested–Grey Matter, he called it. Leila was frozen stiff, each step resembled a countdown toward her death. Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Jason flashed and was suddenly looming over her, a ball of Grey Matter in hand, with a gaze that penetrated the depths of her soul.

He pointed the ball of Grey Matter at her and expanded its size. He was going to finish her. She knew it. Casey knew it. And Jordan, seeing what was about to happen, realized it too. They’ve seen Jason eliminate many ghostly, and human enemies throughout their friendship. They knew Jason could be quite ruthless when finishing them off. They also knew, however, the enemy had to do or say something to warrant it. The question was, what did Leila say or do?

“Jason!” Casey called. “Jason, stop! What the hell are you doing?!”

Tell me what you think in the comments! I read and reply to all of them and welcome feedback for improving my stories, poetry, and insights. Thanks for reading!

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