Sins of a Father

The sins of a father make the children’s lives
Harder, innocent angels become unjustified
Martyrs. Family jeopardized for a little cash in
The coffers but barely get ahead in the land of
Many paupers, peasants fill the streets with not
Enough to eat, some fought for the country and
Sewed together its seams to keep from falling apart
Now they remain unseen, invisible to the world and
Discarded like expired beans.
The father kills a few and goes to rob many more,
Brutal sacrifices to be made when you’re poor, he don’t
Wanna do it but he got children to feed and he’ll be damned
If he let his family fall apart by the seams. Gotta keep it together,
Gotta do whatever, is necessary to give the kids a chance to live
Lives better. Gotta make them feel rich, gotta build their
Confidence, make’em believe that in this world their competent,
Entirely capable of living a life of honesty and honestly, he wishes
He could get a job, show them path, the straight and narrow and
How to balance on a rope and avoid the broken glass but it’s not
Possible, totally illogical, if he tried now it would be
Irresponsible, maybe when he get right, get on his feet
And his children can eat for more than just one week,
And his wife don’t have to work overtime in the streets
And Uncle Sam don’t charge taxes, making poor people
It ain’t the rich fault, they just figured out the system but
He can’t help but blame ‘cause they live off the system,
Built off the back slaves acquired through trade, families
Broken apart and mixed up to breed like cattle in a farmhouse
And put to work at the age of three, married and pregnant by age
Thirteen, popping out babies just have them taken, sold on the
Auction, the father reflects on this and starts coughing in disgust
Because to take his family they’d have to put him in a coffin,
He knew they could do it, but a damn was not given, for his
Children saw a better life, better vision. As he prowls the streets
He determines it’s his mission to ensure his children get to
Experience a better living.

Tell me what you think in the comments! I read and reply to all of them and welcome feedback for improving my stories, poetry, and insights. Thanks for reading!

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