Poem Four

What do you do when you’re almost out of time?
Hearing demonic whispers and the devil’s lullaby,
Lulling you with its deadly and seductive pull into
An eternity of pain and suffering.
What do you do when the lullaby is upon you?
Singing in a beautifully horrific tone, creating
Sadistic yet melodious harmonies the repulse but
Attract you at the same time, when your ego fights
For survival and loses miserably, its human might
And resistance futile against the demonic powers
That be.
What do you do when the demon’s stalk your dreams?
Filling you with abject horror, snapping you out of your
Sleep in a cold sweat. The full moon illuminates your room
But not enough to prevent he hallucination that something
Lurks in the shadows, awaiting to seal your fate.

What do you do when the doors creak and the floors squeak?
When the ghost of your past and the spirits of your future
Speak in hushed and spooky tones, their voices carrying
A gravity that threatens to crush the very essence of your
What do you do when a beautiful woman stands in front of you?
A woman you know is a demon there to take your soul to her
Unforgiving master, to take the last vestige of your innocence
And taint your flesh and blood with her seductive form and
Boundless womb.
The ego fights the temptation but is powerless to resist,
For it knows, deep within its being, that though it fights
For survival, it doesn’t want to exist.

Tell me what you think in the comments! I read and reply to all of them and welcome feedback for improving my stories, poetry, and insights. Thanks for reading!

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