Poem Three

There once was a girl who wanted to see
The sun, she was blind but felt its rays on
Her face every day. Its glowed illuminated
Her like nothing else, its abundance dawned
On her like insurmountable wealth.
She lived in a fairy’s garden with lush green
Vines and trees, with vibrant and beautiful
Plants she touched with delight and animals
That guided her around as not to get lost.
One day, the girl went into a forbidden part of
The forest, she was unaware of this fact. She
Was also unaware the animal leading her was a
treacherous wolf that could imitate a soft touch.
The wolf led her into the deepest swamps and through
The coldest caverns, the girl was protected, yes, the
Wolf wanted her nice and ready before her reality was
When they got to the wellspring of the garden,
And the Fountain of Life stood before them, the wolf
Led the girl up to it and dunked her head in mercilessly.
She thrashed and pushed and yanked and pulled, trying
To escape the wolf’s grasp but its claws wrapped around
Her head like a snake around weakened prey and held it
There with an eerie and disturbing ease.
When the girl’s movements slowed and she was about to
Die, the wolf removed her head from the water and she
Opened her eyes, the world and all its colors revealed
Themselves, a rainbow appeared above the Fountain and
Her transfixed stare couldn’t be helped.
The wolf disappeared into the shadows and the girl looked
Around, the creature that dragged her here was nowhere to be
Found. She made her way back to the garden, revealed to her
By the fountain. She walked through the vibrant trees and beautiful
Flowers and beheld tall and majestic mountains.
The sun’s rays illuminated her body in that way it always did,
She stared into it for so long she became blind again, but when
She opened her eyes she realized she’d been here,
living in a wild forest, all this time. Her nails were
ugly and feet twice as much, she had no clothes on
and a bush between her legs.
She looked around and the beautiful garden faded, when
She came to her full senses she realized it was all an halluci-

Tell me what you think in the comments! I read and reply to all of them and welcome feedback for improving my stories, poetry, and insights. Thanks for reading!

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