Philosophy of Intelligence

Intelligence is not predicated on knowledge and memorization.

Read that again.

Intelligence is predicated on higher states of consciousness and access to one’s higher mental faculties. This is why you have exceptional scientists that suck with the ladies, PhD’s that cannot run a successful business, people that pass tests but don’t know anything when it comes to the real world.

Intelligence gets its origins from learning and understanding the world around you and the subject fields you’re interested in. Learning something involves questioning it and understanding the how and why of the subject, rather than memorizing and taking information on faith. Intelligence is predicated on finding truth and raising the quality of your consciousness.

You can say intelligence is predicated on awareness.

Intelligence can be relegated to a specific subject or field but overall it is based on understanding, recognizing patterns in the world and living in accordance with them, and using your newfound awareness to help raise others’ consciousness and awareness.

When one goes to define intelligence, they immediate assume you’re speaking of a wealth of knowledge of some sort. Although a wealth of knowledge is an indication of intelligence, it is not the be-all-end-all of the matter. So, to truly be intelligent, one must understand how and why something works the way it works so that the subject or situational matter can be incorporated into the long-term working memory.

Speaking of memory, most memorizing done these days is short term. There one week, gone the next (more like one second, but I’m being nice here). People generally aren’t interested in understanding how and why, which is why although I took twelve years of Spanish I still don’t know any of it. Had I taken the time to understand the gender and articles of the language, it would’ve been instilled into my long term memory and I would be bilingual which would open me up to new opportunities. However, my thinking wasn’t along those lines.

The thing about intelligence is that even though knowledge does equal power, in a sense, it needs to be wielded and used to some end to be applicable. Raw knowledge and raw ability to understand and comprehend mean nothing. Those two attributes need to be put to good use, good being relative.

So, again, intelligence isn’t predicated on knowledge or memorization.

It’s predicated on understanding the how and why of a matter and an increase of consciousness, leading to a change of behavior that will demonstrate such intelligence as intelligence is directly related to consciousness.

Alright, that’s my spiel. Til next week. . .

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