Philosophy of Awareness

Awareness is predicated on state of consciousness. State of consciousness means your ability to discern the world around you and accept reality for what it is and not how you wish it to be. Some people have a higher state of awareness and consciousness than others, and that can be proven by simply revealing some cold and harsh truths to the average individual.

Awareness, or lack thereof, is the reason for anger, rage, denial, sadness, depression, melancholy, and a whole range of emotion. With awareness comes a shift in mindset, a shift in understanding the world around you and the illusory nature of seemingly solid and real things.

I’ve watched many youtube videos about awareness (indirectly as a subject) and the raising of consciousness, mostly MGTOW. Now, I’m not some renegade out to get SJW’s, women, and the gynocentric society even though there’s good reason I should be but this isn’t that type of blog. This is simply about awareness.

The philosophy of awareness comes down to observation and the interpretation of observations. The ability to recognize patterns and see the universal design all living and non-living things seem to flow. To reach a level of understanding that strips the emotion from trivial and mundane things that happen in your small world.

The thing about awareness is, the more of it you have, the less emotional you become about harsh realities and dark truths. The reason for that is once you know why something is happening to you and gain the knowledge of how it came about, it becomes something you can do something about. Awareness allows you to take control of your life and do the things you need to do to reach your highest potential.

Awareness isn’t predicated on spirituality and religion. It is simply about your mindset and how you look at the world around you. Awareness is also one of the reasons why you do somethings and don’t do others. You may drink but don’t smoke, you may smoke but don’t drink. You may be gay, straight, trans, bi, whatever. Awareness plays a part in that.

Everything in life inherently has no meaning, meaning it has no intrinsic meaning in and of itself. It is us as humans who attribute meaning to things to give us a sense of ground in a groundless reality (reality being groundless as it’s constantly changing).

Although I have some level of awareness with that truth, I still get annoyed, sad, happy. I still feel emotions for I’m not a monster (well, not entirely). The full awareness of this truth can lead to either nihilism or optimism. It can lead to nihilism because if one strips the meaning from meaning itself, that can leave someone purposeless and directionless in life which leads to aimless wandering.

As awareness increases, so does acceptance of the dark truths of reality. Once acceptance is achieved, all emotion is stripped away from that thing you had an attachment to. In short, lack of awareness means increased attachment and awareness means a decreased in detachment. Now, don’t cringe at detachment. It simply means that nothing can get to you, it means that you are in control of yourself and no one can manipulate you.

In the case where abundance of awareness brings optimism, it gives you the freedom to do what you want without fear. If you have a level of awareness that dictates to you the meaninglessness of life, that would also mean there are no real consequences (metaphorically speaking, jump off a cliff and you’ll still die. Don’t be stupid). And, if there are no real consequences, then what’s the problem? What’s stopping you?

All of the problems in your life are ultimately imaginary. Increase your awareness and state of consciousness, shift your mindset and elevate it to where trivial things don’t faze you anymore. Do that and at least fifty percent of your problems will be eliminated.

Alright, that’s my spiel. Til next week. . .

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