The Habit of Execution

When you boil everything everyone ever does down to its essence, you get execution. What does that mean? Well, it simply means that for change to happen one must take action, and to take action one must execute what their subconscious mind pushes them to. If something makes you feel good, your mind will push you to execute more of it and if something makes you feel bad, your mind will push you to avoid it or force you to forget about it.

This is the essence of life, survival, and why humans have thrived rather than go extinct. But, you’re not here for a history or science lesson, are you? No, you’re here for writing advice. So I’ll give you some, preferably one. And that advice is, execute. That’s it. Anything you want to do, do it. Like Nike, just do it.

See, the thing people don’t understand about “just do it” is that it is a habit like anything else and it is the core habit from which everything else stems. When you forget everything and execute, your mind goes into effect. Coming up with calculations, extrapolating how much effort to put into one aspect over another, trying to devise a plan to do whatever it is you’re trying to do as efficiently as possible. That’s the brain’s job, to find the details and incorporate them into your habit of execution.

If you want to write a novel, write the novel. If you want to write a poem, write the poem. A short story? Write the short story. Whatever it is, the only way it will get done is if you do it, nothing else. Strategizing, plotting, dreaming, wishing, all of that is useless.

The only way you’re every going to get anything done or get anywhere in life, you need to execute. You need to move. That simple.

You want to start a new writing habit? Execute. You want to start a reading habit? Execute. You want to write a novel? Execute? You want to be the next Stephen King? Execute. You want to be a blogger, writer, filmmaker, artist? Execute.

Nothing will happen until you develop the habit of execution. You will remain a non-factor in the history books and you will die unknown unless you execute and you execute in abundance. Don’t worry about perfection. Just worry about executing, getting shit done and moving on with your life.

It all starts with execution. It may take some willpower at first but the more you do it, the easier it gets; the easier it gets, the more automatic it becomes; the more automatic it becomes, the more you begin to think how your life could’ve been otherwise and why you din’t do this sooner. And when that question comes to your mind, you know you’re cooking.

Well, that’s my spiel on the subject.

Till next week. . .

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