The Benefits of Writing Fast

Everyone has those stretches of time when they’re stuck in their writing, like they can’t think of a word, let alone a sentence, to save their lives. A stretch of time where they feel like everything is moving at the speed of stand-still and it looks like they’ll be getting no headway in the near future.

Well, there is a way to combat this: Stop overthinking the story.

How do you do that? Writing fast.

Writing fast is basically letting your brain throw out whatever it wants no holds barred. It’s letting your mind carry you away into the unknown and just sitting back and enjoying the ride. There’s no plotting, no planning, no structure, just pure chaos, madness and spontaneity. But, then again, those are the best kinds of stories!

When writing fast, you leave little room for doubt and a lot of room for error but that’s alright, you’ll fix those later. You get into this state of flow where, at a certain point, everything slows down the more you speed up and eventually, if you write for long enough uninterrupted, you start to see the story play out in your mind and you begin to become more precise, more fluid in your narration and your characters start to takeover for you.

It really is a lot of fun once you get to that state.

Alright, so how do you get there?

Three steps:

  1. Eliminate all distractions before you start working- this one is self explanatory and you know what your distractions are (anime, social media, family, friends, etc.)
  2. Take a deep breath and focus your mind- the state of flow constitutes a clear mind, and you won’t get there if you have a whole bunch of monkey chatter in the way. Either take a deep breath or meditate for five minutes.
  3. Once you start, don’t stop- stop for nothing (no food or drinks) except for a bathroom break. The state of flow is continuous and needs a constant stream of momentum before it can be activated. Once it is activated, you become one with your task and that level of immersion is usually what leads to the creation of something great.

There, three simple steps for ensuring flow state and writing fast. These are not universal but they work pretty well for those who write spontaneously and might calm down the compulsive ones that like to control everything. Remember: take the pressure off yourself, as long as you’re writing you’re doing the most important thing which is executing. Worry about everything else later. Done is better than perfect, so get that story done and move on with your life!

Well, that’s my spiel on the subject.

Till next week. . .

2 thoughts on “The Benefits of Writing Fast

  1. Great advice. “Write just as fast as the gingerbread man can run,” to quote Stephen King. It’s a liberating feeling, to lose one’s self in the pounding of the keys.


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